Making You Aware: Look At The Nails Of Your Hand & See From What Diseases You Are Threatened!


Hey! I’m not here scaring, you just making you aware so that you can make yourself healthy.

How many of you have taken a careful look at your nails? Very few of you, right? Well, you must take a look at your nails and care about them, too. They are not just some dead cells but are a crucial part of our body, too. Many doctors or health professionals associate your health with you cuticles.

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*Lunula is a Latin word which m.eans “little moon”.

It is believed that crescent- shaped white pigment known as Lunula says a lot about your health. This helps to comprehend that whether the person is suffering from a disease or any health problem.

Look at your nails: do you see the bright crescent in the base? This is the so-called. woolly. As a rule, the majority of people are born with this, but with age the moles may disappear completely in some, while others may fade …

This crescent shape moon played a important role to aware us about our health… 

  • According to medical experts, having 8 to 10 milky white lunulas on both hands means that everything is alright with your health. Whiter the Lunula , the stronger the health.
  • The less Lunulae  a person has, the lower the energy, overall health and immunity. If you have Lunulae on the thumbs only, you lack physical energy and you may get sick easily.
  • One study has shown that missing fingernail moons are associated with various systemic disorders including issues with your thyroid or pituitary gland, iron deficiency, chronic renal failure, depression and possible B-12 deficiency. Have your iodine and Vitamin B-12 levels checked. Have your thyroid function and blood pressure checked.
  • Lack of lunula indicates low blood count, a person could be anemic too. And if the color of the lunula is that of pale or bluish then it is a sign of diabetes. If the lunula appears reddish then it might be a sign of cardiovascular disease.Related image
  • Grey lunula indicates low energies. Whereas, black one indicates severe heart disease.
  • The healthier the body is, or energetic you are, the whiter lunula you’ll have. If you are weak due to some disease then possibilities are that the lunula disappears. And with your recovery, the lunula will grow up again.Image result for natural beautiful nails with cuticle

Now you can test your health yourself!

If the moon is present on the fingernails – it is a sign of good health. But if the moons are faded, poorly drawn or non-existent, it is a sign that you have to listen to your body.

The reduced or missing lunula can indicate the following things:

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1. If there is not a lunula on the little finger, you might have some issues with the intestines, pancreas, liver and for women, even reproductive liver issues.

2. If the lunula on the ring finger is not there, you might have some problems with the thyroid gland.

3. If there is not a lunula on the middle finger, you might be experiencing some blood pressure issues.

4. Reduced or missing lunula on the index finger points to intestines issues.

5. If the lunula is missing from the thumb, you might have psychological issues.

Also note the color of the existing wand. Yellow shows obvious problems with the liver, the bluish – a weak heart, and the white spots indicate that the body does not have zinc. The yellow color may also reveal a disturbance of the brain function.

Do not underestimate body signals! Share your learning with friends – let them do a diagnosis too!

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So need not panic if they disappear get yourself medical attention and receive proper treatment and enjoy the half moon shape on your nails again!


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