Marriage or relationship issues in the wake of having a child


You and your partner may be going through relationship changes and issues when dealing with this new transition.

1. Communication matters

You may realize that the time you spent talking to each other has changed to remind each other of responsibility. It can be challenging for partners to put things in perspective due to lack of time and energy. In addition, sleep deprivation and fatigue can take time that you may want to spend together.

2. Restoring sexual intimacy

Mental and physical changes can make it difficult to restore sexual intimacy. Women can be uncomfortable with the idea of sex when their body is recovering after childbirth.

Woman in White Tank Top Lying on BedBreastfeeding can also increase vaginal dryness and inhibit sex drive.

3. Financial difficulties

When the new baby arrives, the costs go up. When one partner takes care of the baby at home, the other can feel the pressure to take care of the family. Although financial decisions require joint responsibility and discussion, they can sometimes cause tensions.

4. Limited or not for a couple of time

Caring for a baby and sleepless nights can leave parents with less or no time for each other. You may want to take the time you get after the baby’s treatment to sleep and relax.

Woman in White Dress Shirt Sitting Beside Woman in White Long Sleeve ShirtBoth partners may feel sidelined because the focus is now on the baby. You might forget about those weekend movie screenings, camping trips or day nights at your favorite restaurant.

5. Different parenting styles

Parents may have different views and opinions about raising a child. You can’t share views on discipline, food or even going to bed.

Person Holding Baby's Feet

Often one parent can act as an expert and undermine the other’s suggestions. This can also lead to the other partner losing confidence. These issues can lead to conflicts between partners.

6. Allocation of tasks and responsibilities

Laundry, cooking and cleaning – chores before and after the baby remain unchanged. The difference is the lack of time and energy. Sharing housework and responsibilities can be a source of controversy for new parents.

This isn’t necessarily because your partner isn’t ready to help, but because there’s no open communication between the two of you.

7. Large family

For New Baby grandparents, friends and relatives can offer support and advice. Some of their opinions and advice may not fit with you, which is absolutely fine. However, partners can argue about disagreement when it involves members of their families.

8. Blue ratios due to baby blues

Some women may experience baby blues after childbirth. Emotional and physical changes can affect depression. New fathers may also experience signs of depression and anxiety.

Changes as a role as a new parent, increased financial expenses and social isolation immediately after your baby can also strain your relationship.



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