Is the Start Holding You Back From Reaching Your Goals?


Is the worry of word Start Holding You Back From Reaching Your Goals?. It’ True, But Why and How?

Because everyone want to start their own work or their business, or something else that can boost their life, but the main problem which strikes in one’s mind is from where, how and when to startbecause first step is always difficult and comes with many questions attached to itself which we are worried about and start searching for answers from others. Once you have started & passionate about the work you will never give up and definitely achieve the goal.

So here is list that’s stop you to start anything: but you’ve answer also yourself:

  1. Am I ready to start ?

ANS: If not ready now, then when???

  1. Is this is the right time to start?

ANS: If this is not right time then, When?  No one can tell you the right or wrong time,  there is no right or wrong time to start, the important is how passionate you are to start something new.

  1. I’ve so many responsibility?

ANS: There is no one without responsibilities. Even todays giants did have their responsibilities when they started. RESPONSIBILTY is a term no one can run away in their life, no matter how big or small are they. ‘Great responsibilities come with great powers’

  1. It’s too hard for me to start.

ANS. Nothing is hard, it’s only about the mindset and will power. If you have made your mind to start and passionate about it no one can stop you from reaching your goals.

  1. Am I too young or old to start?

ANS. Age is just a number if you really want to do your work don’t make excuses.

  1. Your society, what they will say about me?

 ANS : Don’t bother about what other will say. If you are good all good.

  1. Most of the people tried this and get failed, then why I should do this.

ANS: Don’t compare yourself with others, try to research others and learn from other failures. Failure is one step towards your success and if someone doesn’t fail either they have a great luck or they are not working hard.

  1. It will take too long

ANS: Success never come overnight, it takes times.

  1. People will laugh on me.

ANS: Don’t care about anyone, let them laugh.

  1. Your core beliefs that you can’t do this

ANS:  Come out of your comfort zone.

  1. No one take accountability?

ANS: Take accountability yourself.

  1. My past experience stop me.

ANS:. Learn from past don’t make that an obstacle. As I said earlier, learn from failures

Below there is something that eventually attack to your mind and you will get the result it’s my promise.

  1. Do one thing that you think you cannot do, challenge yourself. Try again and again you’ll yourself notice the change. Learn and Try second time you will see the changes yourself. And so on and you yourself will notice the change and eventually, you’ll get the result. DON’T SAY WHY ME, SAY TRY ME.
  • Before going to bed do one thing write down your next day 5 small goal or plan in a piece of paper so, when you wake up next day you don’t need to engage your mind what and from where,  I have to start. You’ll already have 5 TASK LIST IN YOUR HAND.Image result for plan for tomorrow
  • Start work according to the plan. don’t change that at any cost. stick to your pre decided schedule.Image result for plan for tomorrow
  • While you’re step in your first task, start thinking about the second one, not the third one, only second one. When you are in second then start thinking about the third step and so on.
  • No Matter If out of 5 goals in first day you achieve only 2 at least you are on progress and feel good start-up that you have achieved something good.
  • You yourself will start feeling that when you get started and move into action everything starts to happen around you that takes you toward your goals.
  • Give yourself just 21 days with this habit, I promise on 22nd day you’ll not need to look back as you will already be on the stairs of happiness, and growth and prosperity.

If you’ll not start now, you will never be going to get finished. Start now so, you don’t have any regret like ‘I wish that I did this on that time’.

Here are few tips

  • Make a better version of yourself every day.
  • Focus less on the end result
  • Divide your goals into small steps, then into even smaller, until you have a list of simple tasks to do each day. And make them so easy and quick that it will be impossible to say no.
    • Everyone want to remain in their comfort zone you have to break that barrier, eliminate them, to even exaggerate them and see how ridiculous they sound. If you wants you desire come true, come out of your comfort zone.
  • Stop procrastination and start doing something immediately, before your mind give any excuses. Don’t ever doubting your abilities and fearing failure.
    Just do a little something today that will help you move forward and get closer to your dreams.
  • Stop expecting, like things work accordingly you think, that demotivate you, just focus on your work.
  • Remain consist toward your work.



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